Here’s Why You Should Never “Test” Your Dirty Fireplace

A fireplace can be a beautiful addition to your home, creating a place to gather, exchange words, and maybe even roast some marshmallows. But if your fireplace in NJ needs servicing, it can be a huge danger. Many people admit to “testing out” a fireplace at a new residence or after an unknown amount of time has passed, figuring they’ll just put it out if they see smoke or other signs of danger. As experts in fireplace and chimney repair, the team at Last Touch Construction is here to tell you why this is something you should never do!

Fire Risks

The biggest and most obvious risk of a poorly-maintained chimney or fireplace is the fire risk! You may think you would notice this, but chance are, if your fireplace is causing a fire, it will grow too big for you to control. On average, 25,000 homes burn each year due to fireplace and chimney issues. Poor ventilation, animals in the chimney, or other issues can cause this—even if you put your fire out at the bottom, the heat and sparks may still be active up top!

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From a Dirty Chimney

Wood-burning and gas fireplaces can risk carbon monoxide poisoning! An estimated 500 people each year die of carbon monoxide poisoning complications from all sources, so why not eliminate the risk in your home with an annual fireplace inspection? In NJ, experts like those at Last Touch Construction are awaiting your call, and would be happy to inspect and clean your fireplace to remove smoke buildup, debris, and to ensure proper functioning.

What to Do?

Unless you are a chimney professional yourself, the best way to manage your fireplace and chimney in NJ is to call an expert chimney repair company like Last Touch Construction. We complete a multi-point inspection to ensure that your fire can burn bright and clean, the heat and smoke vent safely, and there are no creosote buildups or pests in your chimney. We recommend annual maintenance, but if you just bought a house without a fireplace inspection, or if you cannot recall the last time you had it done, schedule it today.
Fireplaces and chimneys are no small matters! With major risks of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning, these services may be some of the most important you pay for all year. Call Last Touch Construction to get started with a clean fireplace and chimney today!