Why Late Summer is the Perfect Time To Schedule Chimney Repairs in NJ

Chimney Repairs in NJ

If your home has a fireplace and chimney, you know just how important it is to make sure that they are both in good repair. If your chimney needs repairs, operating it could be dangerous, leading to increased risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t risk it! Keep reading to find out why late summer is the perfect time to schedule your chimney repairs in NJ!

  1. You definitely won’t need to use the chimney.

The biggest thing that gets in the way of chimney repairs is if you need to use it. It makes sense, but for many homeowners that don’t think to make necessary chimney repairs before the cold weather sets in, that first cold night can be extra cold. Getting your fireplace and chimney repaired before the cold weather sets in gives you peace of mind, and allows you to be ready to go whenever the weather turns cold!

  1. Chimney repair specialists in NJ have great availability!

Have you tried calling a chimney repair specialist after the first freeze? There are usually longer waits, and you certainly don’t want to be without your source of heat by then! In late summer, chimney repair contractors are just waiting for your call before the busy season—some even offer discount pricing!

  1. Relax outdoor during repairs.

Finally, you should consider your repair day. Do you really want to sit around the fireplace and watch your chimney repair specialist? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the late summer weather from your deck or patio while repairs are being done? Winter weather keeps you inside, but you have many more options in the summer!

If your chimney hasn’t been serviced in some time, or if you know it is in need of repairs, get started before the cold comes in. Call Last Touch Construction today to start your chimney repairs and get ready to use that chimney as soon as the temperatures drop!