When Leaks Are More Than An Annoyance, And How Roofing Experts Help

There it is again… drip, drip, drip. If your roof in New Jersey is leaking, you need help from the experts right away! Keep reading to see how leaks can damage your home in more ways than one, and how the experts in roofing can help!

Leaks Equal Roofing Problems

Here’s a fun fact: If you have a leak coming from the ceiling of your topmost floor, it is almost always coming from your roof. Since roofs were built to keep water out, a leak indicates your roof has a problem. Often, homeowners and business owners try to “hide” this problem, by strategically placing buckets in the attic, replacing ceiling tiles, or by patching the issue from the inside. This might stop you from seeing the leak, but your roof is still compromised! If you have a leak, you will need to repair that drywall and ceiling, but you must also repair the cause of the leak and have a roofing expert in NJ evaluate and repair your roof!

Leaks Encourage Mold

Mold spores are pesky little things, they can float through the air and grow anywhere they have enough moisture, but they love dark, warm, moist places like the gaps between your walls! Without water, mold spores don’t last long, but when they are “fed” by regular water drips, mold can grow and spread out of control. This includes the dreaded “black mold” that can make you very sick. The best bet is to “starve” these mold spores before they can ever take hold by ensuring there is no water leaking into your home. A skilled construction and roofing company in NJ can help!

Leaks Can Destroy Your Home

As if the mold wasn’t bad enough, water leaks can physically destroy your home by ruining the structural integrity that holds it up. Usually, we see this after years and years of leaks have been ignored. Most often, non-supporting walls and ceilings cave in, but with enough damage, your flooring, structural supports, and more can be damaged beyond repair. Don’t let leaks erode your investments—call Last Touch Construction for help!
Ready to get those leaks gone for good? Last Touch Construction is ready to help!